Estimates all batches and transactions


Any transaction that is intended to be sent to the blockchain must be estimated first. The estimation function performs several checks including cost estimation and transaction validity. This method must always be called before we send, otherwise the send method will return an error.

How to use

Whenever you add, edit or remove an <EtherspotBatches>, <EtherspotBatch /> or <EtherspotTransaction /> component - call the .estimate() hook.

You simply need to import the hook and call the function as shown below.

import {
} from '@etherspot/transaction-kit';

// Later in the main component function...

const { estimate } = useEtherspotTransactions();

// And when you're ready to perform the estimate...

estimate(); // This is also a Promise

// Now your transactions are ready to send!

🎉 Congratulations!

And that was estimation! Remember: estimation should always be called whenever any of the TransactionKit UI components change.

The next step in this journey is to .send()

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