A React hook that retuns a list of tokens for developers to use in their project.


As part of any cryptocurrency related app, it's essential to be able to access a list of other cryptocurrencies and their asset data (such as asset logo) to use within your app, otherwise you'll likely need to try and find this yourself.

The useEtherspotAssets hook makes this easy for you by allowing you to access our prebuilt list of tokens for every chain.

Ready-to-fork CodeSandbox available

There is a CodeSandbox available for this hook. Check it out to see the useEtherspotAssets hook in action action, and fork it should you want to test or change anything.

👉 CodeSandbox directory: Etherspot Assets

How to use

import {
} from "@etherspot/transaction-kit";

// Later in your component function...

const { getAssets } = useEtherspotAssets();

// When you're ready to fetch the assets...

const tokens = await getAssets();

// `tokens` will look similar to the following...

// [
//   {
//     "address": "0xe3818504c1B32bF1557b16C238B2E01Fd3149C17",
//     "chainId": 1,
//     "decimals": 18,
//     "logoURI": ",format",
//     "name": "Pillar",
//     "symbol": "PLR"
//   },
//   {
//     "address": "0xdAC17F958D2ee523a2206206994597C13D831ec7",
//     "chainId": 1,
//     "decimals": 6,
//     "logoURI": "",
//     "name": "USDT",
//     "symbol": "USDT"
//   },
//   ...  
// ]

🎉 Congratulations!

Now you know how to fetch a list of popular assets to use in your app instead of having to find a data source of tokens from somewhere else.

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