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Etherspot is an Account Abstraction SDK, delivering frictionless Web3 UX.

Our most recent version of Etherspot which is fully 4337 compliant (and is highly recommended you use) can be found here!

We will not be updating these docs and old SDK as frequently anymore so please use Etherspot Prime on https://etherspot.fyi/

Etherspot SDK represents a multi-chain self-custody Smart Contract Wallet platform that caters to the needs of decentralized application, game, and wallet developers. The platform offers seamless Web3 UX solutions that enable quick onboarding of new users while simplifying the intricate blockchain operations. The key factors behind such a smooth experience are account abstraction with Smart Contract Wallets and our multi-chain Relayer Infrastructure, which provide a convenient way for developers to abstract away complexities.

What can you do with Etherspot?

Etherspot SDK delivers a Web2 experience in a self-custodial fashion to your (d)App, Wallet or Game.

  • Web2 onboarding for Web3: onboard your web2 users easily through social logins, create counter-factual wallets and enable easy recovery. No seed phrases are required to secure wallets.

  • Simple User Interface & Integration: leverage our BUIDLER react component to onboard and integrate into your dApp easily. Style it in your way to suit your branding.

  • Multi-Chain NFT Support: exceptional NFT support for the multi-chain reality, allow users to interact with NFTs with ease.

  • Meta-Transactions: allow users to pay for gas with ANY token on any chain. Currently, we support DAI, USDC, USDT and BUSD as a gas token. Etherspot SDK can support any token on any chain that has liquidity.

  • Seamless Multi-Chain Experience: users can control their wallets on any chain from any endpoint providing a seamless multi-chain experience. Keep connected to Polygon while executing one-click actions on Optimism.

  • Sponsored Transactions: projects can sponsor transactions for their dApp to provide the UX as seamless as Web2.

  • Transaction Batching / Multi-Call: abstract the painful experience of signing multiple transactions into a one-click action for your users by composing multiple transactions into a single transaction. Eg: Approve, Deposit, Borrow and Stake in a single transaction.

  • Cross-Chain Bridging & Transaction Bundling allow your dApp to onboard users from any chain through our BUIDLER react component and execute one-click actions with ease. Go cross-chain without deploying on other chains.

  • Fiat on and off Ramp: let your users buy and sell without KYC (up to 1000 EUR per day) within your dapp or via our BUIDLER React Component.

How does it work?

The Etherspot SDK deploys Smart Contract-based Wallets which are created counterfactually for each user and is the same on every chain providing a superior cross-chain experience. The wallet is deployed upon the first transaction by the user. Etherspot currently subsidises Polygon and Gnosis deployments for all users.

A smart contract-based wallet is associated with and controlled by each user's EOA (Externally Owned Account). EOA wallets such as Metamask accounts or Rainbow mobile wallets are also known as Key-based Wallets. Social Logins generated accounts are also considered EOA or Key-based accounts. Smart-Contract wallets provide better security to self-custody as they are not dependent on a single private key.

Plug & Play with Etherspot BUIDLER React Component

The Etherspot SDK can be initiated and implemented with an easy-to-implement BUIDLER react component, providing plug & play functionality that reduces implementation time and resources for developers significantly. Developers can leverage the power of the SDK with a few lines of code and easily implement powerful functionality like transaction batching without redesigning their UI.

The BUIDLER comes out of the box with Social Logins and Web3 onboarding, and loads assets and balances from Key-Based (EOA, e.g. Metamask) and Smart Contract-based Wallets. Styling adjustments can be made easily to fit your project's branding. The react component consists currently of blocks: Asset Bridging, Swaps and Send functionality and we plan on adding more protocols. Transaction Batching is completely automated, selecting 2 or more swaps on the same chain will be automatically batched allowing for one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many swaps. Multi-Call Transaction Batching allows developers to develop user journeys with assets that are not yet owned by the user (e.g. one-click liquidity farming from a single asset). Custom Contract interactions can easily be implemented on the BUIDLER as a block to allow for streamlined development with Etherspot SDK. See our Cross-Chain KLIMA DAO Staking block example as a use case.

Ready to poke around? Go over to https://buidler.etherspot.io/ and try the Etherspot BUIDLER out.

Need to speak to us?

We're open to hearing from you regarding features, use cases, suggestions and more. You can find us on Discord. Go to our dev-chat channel or open a ticket if your require technical support.

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