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Etherspot Playground is a live SDK browser that allows you to try all the SDK methods to see how they behave. It's entirely risk free, and you can throw it away when you're done. Here's some benefits of the Etherspot Playground:

  • 🚀 Rapidly prototype ideas and changes

  • ⛓️ Multi-chain ready (see Supported Ethereum Chains)

  • ☁️ No infrastructure to set up - connected directly to our managed Etherspot service

  • 💥 Use the Etherspot Playground to debug application issues

  • 🗑️ Throwaway your Etherspot Playground instance when no longer needed

  • 📚 Open multiple instances of the Etherspot Playground, simulating one or more Etherspot SDK instances

  • 🔑 Connect with Key (private key), MetaMask, WalletConnect or Torus

  • 🧭 Use our Etherspot Block Explorer for accounts created using the Etherspot POA network

  • Use our built-in faucet for accounts created on the Etherspot POA network

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