A React hook that returns all the blockchain addresses for all the blockchains that the Etherspot platform supports.


The useEtherspotAddresses() hook will return an array of objects, of which each object is representative of a supported Etherspot blockchain. Each object in the array will contain the blockchain name, blockchain ID and the Etherspot Smart Wallet address which you can start using immediately.

A word on these Etherspot Smart Wallet addresses

These are the primary addresses you will be sending and receiving from. Please use these addresses, and not your key wallet address when writing code, sending and receiving from faucets, other accounts or Smart Contracts.

How to use

import {
} from '@etherspot/transaction-kit';

// Later in the main component function...

const etherspotAddresses = useEtherspotAddresses();

// etherspotAddresses will look similar to this:
 * [{
 *   chainId: 137,
 *   chainName: 'matic',
 *   address: '0x0123...'
 * }, {
 *   ...
 * }]

🎉 Congratulations!

It's that easy to fetch your Etherspot Smart Wallet addresses for use on each chain.

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