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Code Sandboxes

We've built ready-to-go CodeSandboxes to get started quickly.


We want to get you going as fast as possible with TransactionKit. We've built some CodeSandboxes for you, ready to fork mould into your own. Have a look at the options below.

Ready-to-fork Sandboxes

Send a native asset

This CodeSandbox allows you to simply send a native asset using TransactionKit, and is built on the Polygon Testing blockchain called Mumbai.


This CodeSandbox shows how easy it is to build a staking website with TransactionKit. We have built and deployed a fake token (TKT) minting Smart Contract, and a staking Smart Contract which accepts the aforementioned fake token (TKT) and gives you stkTKT in return.

Etherspot Assets hook

We have prebuilt token lists for you to use in your app. We have curated the top 100 popular tokens for every chain. You can see how to use this data in the CodeSandbox below.

Etherspot NFTs hook

This CodeSandbox shows you how to fetch NFT data for your Etherspot Smart Wallet account.

Etherspot Transaction History hook

See how you can fetch the transation history for an Etherspot account, and for different chains.
Remember: transaction history only works with Etherspot Smart Wallet accounts!

There's more coming!

We're hard at work creating more examples for you to get started quickly. Keep checking back!
Got a suggestion you would like to see? Drop us a message on Discord!