An introduction to TransactionKit

What is TransactionKit?

We're glad you asked.

Writing code to perform transactions on the blockchain is still difficult. The learning curve is steep and some blockchain knowledge and Web3 development experience is needed.

We have leveraged the power of the Etherspot platform to simplify this into a few React Components and Hooks that can be controlled via your React UI.

👉 Supports 13 chains and their testnets

You read that right. TransactionKit is built on top of Etherspot and helps make your app truly multichain. TransactionKit supports Etheruem, Polygon, Gnosis, Binance, Fantom, Aurora, Avalanhe, Optimism, Arbitrum, Moonbean, Celo, Fuse and Arbitrum Nova.

👉 Transaction Batching out the box

Organise your transactions into batches to have them execute together. Each batch can be performed on a different blockchain.

👉 Zero configuration

You bring the code and design, we'll handle the infrastructure. Built with your productivity and speed in mind. No need to configure infrastructure providers, no signups needed, no credit cards down. Just install the code and start sending transactions.

👉 Total design freedom

TransactionKit is a headless collection of React Components and does not impose any existing user interfaces on you. You design and build how you envision your app, and we'll handle all the technical complexity.

Here's an example

We're going to sent 0.1 ETH to another blockchain account.


That's all it took!

Want to try this out for yourself?

Have a look at our Quick Start guide to get going.

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